It is with great pleasure that I recommend Samantha Sloan's personal chef services to individuals and families that are seeking a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste. It has been almost three years now since my husband and I have commissioned Samantha to prepare our daily meals, approximately 4-5 sessions per week in our home.

Jane Asher
The meals she creates for our family are delicious, healthy, and plentiful. We do not leave the table hungry, ever, and often enjoy the leftovers at no additional charge. I have a gluten allergy which limits foods I can eat while my husband is required by his doctor to closely monitor his cholesterol intake. Neither of us notice nor feel deprived with Samantha's meals.

Marie Lanier
My husband and I have very hectic schedules, using Samantha's services we've been able to spend more time at the dinner table enjoying each others company. Grocery shopping and preparing elaborate meals that take half my evening are now a thing of the past. Samantha arrives with fresh groceries, cooks the meal, places food on the counter, cleans the entire kitchen, and takes the garbage out with her as she goes. She packs leftovers with an air tight seal so that we can enjoy days or even weeks later.

Marcelle Rosen
Hungry for Time is one of my family's best investments, affording us the luxury of time together as a family while eating healthy food in the bounds of all of our meal plans. I cannot recommend the services of Samantha Sloan enough.

Katie Alfonso

As a busy executive it's nice to know I can rely on Samantha to answer the what's for dinner question. She knows what I like and I trust her in my home.


Samantha, your food is delicious and the relief from the stress of getting dinner on the table every day feels amazing. The boys are happy too and it's quite an accomplishment that you were able to meet all of our food preferences. We're actually sitting at the dinner table together again. Thank you!!